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Thanks for sharing Leslie. I appreciate the ability we have to share on this website — I’ve always believed and have taught that we are all “Fellow Travelers” and sharing our own journeys just helps others who travel the same paths one way or another.

I like your Step 1 comments particularly. I find that understanding we are one with God means that for me, God wants to participate in all of “my” planning. What a joy — to have him actively involved and I know he is. He helps in ways and at times that lets me know he is there every day and way.

We purchased our property — cabin and 4 acres — 7 years before retirement. It is in a location in north central Colorado that serves the lifestyle we want. But it has been “discovered” which is why the value of the property has tripled in the past 7 years. As time unfolds, wherever you buy now will likely be impacted by all the population migration patterns going on in the country these days. But we landed where it allows our lifestyle to be enjoyed at a very affordable price point. I think if I were looking for similar property today I would look in New Mexico as it hasn’t been “discovered” yet I believe.

Good luck and God Bless!!