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Thanks Sean for all of this advice! I’ve watched and followed your lead, for our own planning, as we retired about 15 months ago. We lived in Weatherford Texas at the time where we worked for UNT System but chose to leave Texas and retire to our cabin at 8500 ft in the Rockies in Colorado. We have leaned out to — for example — our property taxes and home owner insurance annual costs were approximately $12,000 in Texas and here they are approximately $2,300 annually. Also, we switched life insurance carriers and our monthly premiums were reduced $300 a month for the same coverages and with equal quality life insurance company. Basically every line item in our Budget was put thru the grinder to see how we could reduce expenses and its actually quite amazing to see the end result.

Our cabin/land here has almost tripled in value over the 7 years we’ve owned it and our monthly house payment is less than my what daughter pays for a 1 bedroom apartment in Austin. We’ve cut our monthly run rate significantly without sacrificing any quality of life in retirement. SO — we took your lead and did the same is my point. Another tremendous value you’ve provided for us over these years of following you.

Thanks much!