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The Logical Investor monthly newsletter The foundational component of Sean’s trading methods, grants access to weekly videos, daily forum interactions and is where Sean gives recommendations on the most solid companies that He can find. He also gives all instructions on them (buy alerts, sell alerts, etc.). This subscription leaves nothing left to the imagination. It’s from Sean to you and He does all of the heavy lifting.

With less money, and once someone has a well-developed LI portfolio, they could venture into Stock Insights. That’s another subscription based service where a subscriber brings the stock to Sean (one they own or one they’re thinking of owning) and He tells them if He believes it’s solid or not and why and if worth entering, some places that may be of interest for entry zones. the Subscribers decides when they enter/exit, etc. with help/insights from Sean.

With Option Insights, …options carry higher risks than stocks, so it should involve even less money % wise of one’s net worth than what’s invested in stocks. So, as the pyramid goes up, there’s less money involved and potentially higher risks. In option insights a subscribers brings to Sean a stock they’re interested in buying a call or buying a put on and He can give them my thoughts on that (if it’s worth doing or not and if so, what strike prices and expiries have higher probable odds than others, of succeeding.